Our online learning community exists to share the skills and passions that make life a little brighter, a little better, and most importantly, a little wilder. From bread baking to backpacking, our courses will teach you how to gain more self reliance and practical and tactical skills and knowledge. At the heart of it, our courses are designed to put you back in touch with wild nature both in your home and outside your door.

Each course will provide you with easy to follow instructions and videos, instructor Q&A, and a community of lifelong learners.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello, I'm Mason!

Bread baking was my first adulthood passion. I discovered the joy of baking as a college student working nights and weekends as a mixer and baker at a small bakery in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Little did I know that this first baking job would open so many doors in my life. Over the last decade, I have worked as a head baker at two excellent artisan sourdough bakeries, an online fermentation consultant, and as a home baking coach. I can't wait to share this passion with you and show you how easy and rewarding the art of baking can be.

Conner McMahan

Baker, Breadico Bakery, SD

"I worked with Mason at Breadico several years ago, 2014 I believe. He instructed me on technique and process for shaping, scoring, and baking loaves of sourdough in a production. Mason also went through the process of hand mixing dough. His ability to instruct and communicate with me on the subject of baking was direct and clear while maintaining a level of fun camaraderie. Mason will make a great instructor for you, and continue to learn while he teaches about a trade he is so clearly passionate about."

Kendra Bell

Manager, Drum Coffee, MT

Sharing techniques and love for the kitchen with the rest of our baking staff, Mason inspired and helped train them all with utmost respect and pride in all he produced. His arsenal of techniques brought so very much to our business. His relaxed and confident performance was always consistent, yielding remarkable and invaluable transfers of his impressive knowledge base across the board to our staff and management. Our experience with Mason was invigorating, enlightening, and wholly enjoyable!"

Stephani Stewart
Crooked Tree Breadworks, MI

"The first ingredient for teaching others how to make great bread is a passion for great bread. Add generous portions of creativity and adventure, a good measure of patience, and a heaping scoop of intelligence, and there with Mason you will find an excellent source of bread making wisdom."